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We converge ideas, capital, resources, and talent and build the next generation of world-changing and market-defining companies

We Turn Ideas Into Companies


SARABI is Swahili for Mirage, the word also means, Imagination, Vision and Creation. Sarabi Startup Studio is purpose-built to conceive, build, and spin-out new  revolutionary software driven companies from scratch. We push boundaries, challenge norms, defy conventional wisdom, and take smart risks while at it.


Our Web2 Studio focuses on building companies leveraging legacy technologies — our focus right now is on Artificial Intelligence, NLP, applied machine learning and Internet of Things.


Our Web3 Studio focuses on building companies leveraging emerging techologies — our focus right now is on  blockchain solutions for renewable energy and climate action, fintech dApps.


Our Product Lab works with companies that are looking for a tech partner. We’ve built great products. Our software development teams can help you build yours.

currently in our startup studio

Re-thinking Healthcare

Solving the complex healthcare puzzles for medics, facilities and patients. From locum staff scheduling to personalized home care. A world where facilities don’t worry about medic staffing, medics don’t worry about jobs and patients don’t worry about quality care.

Simplifying Meals

PikaBox is a foodtech that makes cooking as fun and easy as eating. Get yourself a chef on demand, order mealkits, keep up with a community of food lovers on PikaSocial, create and share goal based meal plans and challenges through the PikaBox AI engine. So much more!

A Marketplace for Creatives

Design Yangu is a simple solution that allows you to create and buy custom products.Creatives can create cool merch designs, sell and earn. We do the hard work of sourcing, printing and shipping for you.
No minimum quantity, no hassle, no risk.


Insuring Africa

BimaBee Insutech is working to increase Africa’s low insurance penetration starting with Kenya which has a 3% insurance penetration. BimaBee is fully digital leveraging AI to make pricing, quote comparison, purchase and claims seemless and fast for the consumer. Agents have their portal allowing them to earn instant commissions. B2B is powered by the BimaBee API’s.


Lastmile + Great Savings

Popote Logisitcs gives you easy and convenient access to anything around you! Food, Pharmacies, Groceries, Supermarkets. Send parcels accross your city too. Save while at it with Popote Wholesale where shoppers buy items at wholesale price with no minimum quantities. Our  wholesale is powered by an AI engine that auto queues your order with similar orders in your delivery zone.

How we rapidly validate, refine, and build new businesses!

Building a great startup is hard. Really hard. It requires domain expertise, uncommon talent, great execution, great timing, and a little luck. It also requires the ever-elusive great idea. Our team has developed the playbook on how to rapidly validate, refine, and build new businesses.


It could be our idea. It could be your idea
Either way, we put it through the ringer: determining if it can be a world-changing, venture-scale company that customers love.


Every idea we work on sounds good at first.
We put an idea through its paces, testing customer demand, technical feasibility, business model, unit economics, market dynamics, investor interest, and more to determine if it’s worth our time—and yours.


When an idea is a good one, it’s time to move. Fast.
Our team of designers, engineers, data scientists, marketers, and company builders turn a validated concept into a real product in market.


Great companies require extraordinary people and smart capital
Our spinout process is the best method we know of to get a company off the ground, staffed up, and funded by great venture investors as fast as humanly possible.

The Studio Investors

We are currently self funded. Proceeds from the Sarabi Product Lab have primarily funded the projects currently in the studio. Investors can invest in us and thereby invest in current and future projects of the studio.

Got a brilliant idea?
Let’s build with you!

We invest financial and human resources in tech startups as early as the idea stage to turn them into fast growing businesses. These ideas can come from within our team or from intrepid founders applying to build ambitious ventures with us.

We converge ideas, capital, resources, and talent and build the next generation of world-changing and market-defining companies.

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